Deciphering the Addictive Nature of Slot Machines

A Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name

The addiction levels that are associated with slot machine gambling are quite frankly speaking very alarming. Governments across the spectrum, but particularly in some developed countries, are facing pressure to understand and perhaps treat this form of destructive pastime. The crucial point is about understanding why this particular form of gambling seems to create a larger proportion of people with addictions and long lasting addictions at that. The story is long and complex. It cannot possibly be exhausted within the confines of an article but I will attempt to raise some of the major areas of contention in this often hidden world.

Why Do People Get Addicted To Gambling On Slot Machines?

1. The same reasons that they get addicted to other forms of gambling. The first reason is that it is actually an enjoyable game. It is a pastime for some people and they just like playing on slot machines, in spite of the sometimes dire consequences.

2. You do not need lots of money to be able to start gambling on basic slot machines. Even if you are on social welfare you can quite easily join the gambling group. This is somewhat different from the high end gambling games which require quite a lot of investment. This outlay has the consequence of encouraging some types of gambling such as slot machines.

3. Given the relative cheapness of trying to start on a slot machine, this form of gambling will attract punters away from the higher end forms. It in effect acts as the last port of call for the poor gambler. The ease with which you can deposit has been a big factor in recruiting people from poorer backgrounds into this form of gambling.

4. Although the slot machine is in a public place, the gambling itself is rather a lonely experience and therefore people who need the moral support of the community to resist a gambling addiction end up not getting it. The isolation could be a factor in preventing people from getting out of the clutches of slot machine gambling.

5. The fact that the slot machine is really about chance at the end of the day rather than hard work or acumen, means that people keep trying their luck until the pot has run out. It is a vicious cycle of trial and error that almost always ends in failure.

6. The stigma that is attached to gambling on slot machines means that people are denied access to even the most basic support and counseling in order to deal with issues of addiction. It seems that society has chosen the route of simply ignoring the gambling addicts and then hoping for some miracle to resolve the issue.

Although it appears to be relatively banal pastime, slot machine gambling can be quite lethal and can cause untold damage to both society and individual families. The ease with which vulnerable people can gain access to this game is a major worry for both social commentators and the government.

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